"We breed quality not quantity"

                               LOCATED IN MONTGOMERY,ALABAMA



We are a NONPROFIT operation and none of our dogs are kept on chains, they receive human interaction and exercise on a daily basis. Booth Kennels usually only produces 1 litter a year and 80 percent of our pups are already spoken for before birth. We carefully screen our customers and do not sell to pet stores. We are strongly against any form of puppy mills and do not believe in mass producing animals for profit. Furthermore we are opposed to all forms of animal cruelty, and do not promote any illegal activities, but we do celebrate the history of the pit bull and value its qualities of courage, strength and tenacity as the essence of the breed.




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A Real Reputable Breeder, if he really is a advocate of the breed will donate some of his time and money and do volunteer work at his local humane society this is Montgomery, Alabama's facility my local humane society where I gave back.
Please visit your local shelter or humane society before you buy your first family pet...
It will give you a better understanding of what happens when people are irresponsible with the animals under their supervision.

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