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How important are the Papers, more than the Dog?

Posted by LEE BOOTH on December 20, 2010 at 7:03 AM

Some people feel that papers are really not that important as long as the dog proves itself.I know a lot of people that think papers have become another prop to generate money and Real dogmen or family pets don't need papers, because simply being registered is not an indication of quality.

On the other hand papers are a good thing if you are looking for uniformity out of the pups handed down from generations.By not having papers and really not  knowing the lineage of a dog how would you know in what direction to take his  breedings?Another important aspect of registries is their role in sponsoring or sanctioning dog events, such as conformation,obedience, weight pull,herding, agility and other many other sports. 

In my opinion I would never purchase a dog without papers. Here at Booth Kennels paper's are a very important tool in our breeding process and without them we would be shooting blindly in the dark ,but I do respect old Dog men who have been breeding dogs for decades and know what they got. 


If the dog has qualities or capabilities that you like, and want to breed for should you purchase a dog without papers, what is your opinion on this topic?




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Reply Alan
8:12 AM on December 26, 2010 
For me paper work is important for lineage.
Also to participate in dog shows.
In California pit-bull's have to be registered with a recognized registry to avoid fines, confiscation of your bully.
So if having my dog properly registered keeps them from being confiscated and put down. Well that alone is a reason to have my dog registered.
Reply Don Wise
1:42 PM on December 26, 2010 
How important are the papers well for one there is no possible way to prove the dog or puppy is PURE bred without papers! An also you can't participate in shows,weight pulls without papers! I feel papers are 50/50 your dog makes its self and the papers make it because if your dog has awesome lines but doesnt produce or show it whats it matter how good lines are!! Thats the biggest mistake people are making saying or promoting such as: Razors edge Male with Razors Edge female they think just because that both dogs are Edge its a good breeding not the case they could be a horrible match for one another and alot of people need to put that into perspective!! But papers are just as important as the dog, but not more or less important i feel that there as equal to the dog itself!!
Reply quincy
11:39 AM on December 28, 2010 
Papers are very important to me its like the label of ingredients on the outside of the box of something you might purchase, you ALWAYS want to know what on the inside. DNA is for REAL and is always passed down from generation to generation
Reply hellmary
4:43 PM on January 5, 2011 
i think the dog makes a dog,but if you bought a dog from a well know breeder get the papers just so have the pedigree.if you have a good dog wouldn't it be nice to know the pedigree so you would know how to breed to that same line and get more good dogs.but watch out for breeders who will hang fake papers.i been in the dogs for 39yrs.and i have seen it all.
Reply B
12:52 PM on January 7, 2011 
Are papers MORE important than the dog? No. Do papers "make" a dog? No. Do papers "prove" lineage of a dog? That depends. If you purchase a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder, then yes, the papers can show the lineage of the dog, but what about hung papers? I would rather get a puppy or dog that fits my requirements with papers or without. Then again, I'm not talking about a conformation show or a dog that I would specifically have to show in registry-sanctioned events either. If I wanted a dog to compete in a particular registry's events, then it would be a requirement for legitimate paperwork.
Reply tom
11:45 PM on January 7, 2011 
a dog without papers is just a dog. papers without a dog is just paper.i see any dog not registered a mut. no pedigree no registry papers just a dog. paper = $$$ in the APBT world.
Reply B
4:40 PM on January 8, 2011 
tom says...
a dog without papers is just a dog. papers without a dog is just paper.i see any dog not registered a mut. no pedigree no registry papers just a dog. paper = $$$ in the APBT world.

I have a [non-papered] dog with 18 successful searches under his belt that I'm pretty sure the victims' families would beg to differ with you in calling him "just a mutt." If papers = $$$ in the APBT world then wouldn't the basis of breeding then be "profit" instead of producing a quality and workable animal?
Reply Theresa
10:12 PM on June 29, 2011 
I fell that papers are very important for a number of reasons. For one it shows you if a dog may have one of the more aggressive lines of pits in it's pedigree. For two if you want to see where your dog gets it's gentic make up the pedigree is there and not just someone saying the dog is from these such and such lines. For three as a couple of you have stated already if you want to do agility, shows, or weight pull you have to have papers.

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