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What Is It That Exactly Classifies Someone As Being A Back Yard Breeder?

Posted by LEE BOOTH on December 26, 2010 at 12:36 PM

1.One who breeds for color and appearance?

2.One who breeds for money?

3.One who breeds because they have "nice dogs that would make cute puppies?

4.One who Breeds unproven dogs?

5.One who Hangs papers?

6.One who Sells regularly to puppy stores?

7.Or is a Back Yard Breeder simply someone who hasn't established themselves as a reputable breeder, and will typically only have a couple of dogs and breed them together rather than seeking "the best" dog to compliment the bitch.


Pick a number that represents what you think qualifies someone to be labled as a Back Yard Breeder or give your personal input on what you think a BYB is? 

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Reply Don Wise
1:33 PM on December 26, 2010 
I wouldnt say that breeders for color and appreceance thats how you create a bloodline and start you foundation if everyone bred for same color and look there would be no different bloodlines or different colors but at the same time going for a different look the the breed standard suggests i think thats when they are a back yard breeder if your breeding a pitbull for the widest chest you can find shortest with the biggest head you looking for a different breed to many people are trying to change this fantastic breed they are the Top breed in all aspects if givin the time and training and people are destroying something great with the breed defects bad breeding and not complenting the other dogs faults to the other you should always breed to better these dogs! Dont breed for color if your dogs have underbites cherry eyes bowed legs breed for the right reason if your not leave it for the people that will! It should never be about money no matter what!!! Always breed for the best quality your dog is possible of breeding!! WiseChoiceApbts Only the best never settle for less!!!!
Reply Quincy Hall
11:15 AM on December 28, 2010 
I personally classify a backyard breeder as someone who's not a responsible breeder.What I mean by not being responsible is 1.breeding without paper s and 2.a breeder who breeds for the wrong reasons FIGHTING. I'm a PROUD owner of 6 beautiful blue bullies which I love as my children I would never fight or condone . GREAT BLOG
Reply tom
11:28 PM on January 2, 2011 
breeders got to start somewhere why not in your own back yard? trial and error makes perfect, which in breeding youll never really make perfect you might get 99% if your lucky no matter what your kennel or last name is. and to all the so called big names thanks for maken it impossible for normal working people to afford your prices. i sell mine for $100-$500 with papers not $1000-$14,999. thats fuckin insane prices for a pet.
Reply tom
2:58 PM on January 10, 2011 
everyone breeds for a certin look or color, size...1 every one breeds for money, some more than others greedy bastards...2 what proves a dog???4 (papers, working ability, fighting ability... how can you prove it in your pups) the rest is not even worth sayin anything. im a backyard breeder and produce good quality dogs unlike half the puppy mills on here.
Reply Arthur
9:22 PM on September 18, 2011 
The answer is all of the above AND someone who doesn't do the appropriate OFA certifications and health tests. It also includes breeding animals without any working or conformation titles and repeating stupid wive's tales like holding a pup by the scruff to determine whether or not it is a purebred.
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