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American Pit Bull Debate


Posted by LEE BOOTH on May 18, 2011 at 12:26 PM

People who support the ABKC argue that,each class adheres to the Standard Class written standard with some amendments.They argue that All dogs are judged according to the written standard and their age is taken into consideration to the written standard to that variety.They state that each class must meet the written standard and also meet the height requirements for that specific class.



People who beleieve that the ABKC does not have a proper standard argues that all the dogs are not being held to one standard and the dogs appearances are being dictated by the breeder and not by a governing body.They beleive that if you truly are breeding to a set standard in each individual class the dogs will eventually become uniformed in appearance.They feel that In the ABKC, the breeders are NOT breeding to produce the standard, breeders are breeding to out-do the next breeder and keep 'pushing the envelope.



What is your opinion about this highly debated topic?

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Reply alana
12:20 PM on July 12, 2011 
my opinion which is neither right or wrong, is that all other purebreeds follow a specific standard when being bred, so if the people who breed american bullies want their breed to be recognised as a purebred and not as a mutt that many like to call it then they should set a standard and follow it, at the moment the AmBully is all over the place and its not benefitting this breed at all.
Reply truedge-pitbulls
12:29 AM on July 23, 2011 
hello my name is stormy hughes from stormtrooper- kennels and all my dogs are edge dogs i have been breedimgs the stormtrooper line for a while and i belieive that every breeding should be better than the last . so why would people ever take steps backwards in thier breeding programs to fit in with th crowd? well its for the money . but how can u sale a tenth pick pup 4 1500 bones . its called "fng" fuckin - new- guy find one and sell him a dog . i love all dogs and my american pitbull terriers are bad ass ! the best and u couldnt ask 4 a better breed of dogs and my kids will tell u the same . support better breeders and intacted pedegrees that just means the people who have them care about where they came from and what the represent . freedom if they can take your dog they can take your life stk 4 life......
Reply truedge-pitbulls
12:41 AM on July 23, 2011 
only people who dont know pedegrees would join a new kennel club and that is just 2 sale dogs for more money . the ukc , akc , adba , and all the other places out there dont really care, its all the money u send them . thats why breeders should take pride in the dogs that they produce .good or bad .i love my pitbulls

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