"We breed quality not quantity"



 The Dyson family came to us out of Calera, Alabama which is only about 40 minutes North of Montgomery. The family actually saw a Blue male pup that there family friend had purchased from us just weeks earlier. The family was so impressed with the look, temperament, and structure of their friends dog they decided to get their next pup from Booth Kennels. Mr.Dyson gave me a call told me that he liked the style of dog I was producing here in my program and we talked for a few days and finally after finding out exactly what the family was looking for they drove down to have a look and instantly Ms.Dyson fell in love with GUS. She was amazed at how pretty his coat was and she started cuddling him instantly. Ms.Dyson is a stay at home so she stated that she had plenty of time and could offer GUS all the attention he needed. I am happy the family chose Booth Kennels and I am proud that this pup went to a great home.


                                     PHOENIX CITY,ALABAMA

Brand and Brandi Atanasoff a military family were eager to add two new puppies to their family and after searching through tons of kennels websites, they decided to purchase their next pups from Booth Kennels. The Atanasoff family drove almost 2 hours down to come see the dogs and the yard. Almost immediately the family had found the two pups they fell in love with  (Sadie and Aaron ) the family was not worried about the color of the pups at all, their main concern was temperament, structure, and energy level. I encourage all new buyers to look for these same qualities when purchasing a dog. The Atanasoff family had many questions and concerns before deciding to finally buy a new family pet and they were eager to learn. Booth Kennels applaud this family for doing there research and picking us as the breeder to provide them with pups they were seeking to find.




When my husband and I started looking for a puppy, we landed on Pit Bulls as the right breed for us. After lots and lots of research we found Booth Kennels and we couldn't be happier! All of their puppies looked wonderful, but we settled on Ajax! He is an amazing puppy! He's a very quick learner and he's so sweet! He has a wonderful laid back personality but he loves to play! Booth Kennels is definitely the way to go when looking for a top quality, affordable pit bull puppy! I highly recommend this kennel!



I had been looking for an APBT for a few years and never saw one that I quite liked or felt comfortable with getting based on the breeders. Immediately when I spoke with Lee and saw pictures of my baby Sky I fell in love and knew this was the right fit. She has been a joy to have and learned the command sit within my first week of having her!! When we took her to the vet to have a puppy checkup we were told she was in great health and the vet said she was in perfect condition. Potty training has gone well and she is always watching me to see what’s next. She is a very sweet dog. Booth Kennels produces very smart APBT`s and I would recommend buying from them any day, you will not be disappointed. His APBT`s have great temperaments and body structure. I have shown his puppies off to my friends and generated interest from two people already just from my enthusiasm about them and their owner. You will receive great communication and he will be there if you have any questions even after getting your puppy home and its weeks or months later. As soon as I can I will be purchasing a brother for Sky!!!








 Mr. Urijah Hiel is a disabled Vietnam Veteran who served his country proudly for 25 years. Mr.Hiel is confined to a wheel chair and contacted Booth Kennels and stated he was looking for a dog to be a family pet as well as serve as an official Service Dog. Mr.Hiel had seen some other dogs produced by Booth Kennels and he knew my dogs had to be energetic, intelligent, and driven to undergo the scent training program here at my kennel. Booth Kennels was proud to donate Diamond)to Mr.Hiel and I know that this dog will come in handy and will serve and protect her owner to the best of her abilities. I look forward in the future to finding more people that need good service dogs.

Thanks Mr. Hiel for choosing booth kennels as the Place to seek your family's pet.

I urge more kennels To look past profits and donate a puppy out of each litter to a good cause that will help promote the breed and encourage people to see the good in the American Pit Bull terrier.





The Stevens family made an 3 hour drive from Columbus Mississippi to pick up their new family pet.The family has been looking for sometime now for a female American Pit Bull Terrier to offer their male some company and also double as a playmate.The family stated that they were just surfing the net when they came across this Blue Brindle female I had available, and immediately they fell in love.The dad gave me a call to let me know that they were really interested in the female and he sent his deposit money by way of Wal-Mart money gram and the next week he was here to pick up his new family member.While they were here I showed the family around the facility and showed them the parents of the pup they had purchased and overall the family enjoyed the experience.




                                      TALLAHASSE, FLORIDA

My name is Justin I am a student at the University of  Talahasse Florida A&M.I am studying to be an Architect.When I first saw the puppy on the Booth Kennels website I instantly knew that this was the puppy I had been looking for,from the color pattern all the way down to the over all structure of the dog.There is a lot of good kennels out their but Booth Kennels produces the look I like.They had great facilities and they were so courteous and really showed me Alabama hospitality.They explained the puppy contract to me and showed me both parents of my puppy and their 7 generation pedigrees.I don't regret the 4 hour drive at all,and I will tell anybody if you are looking for a high quality puppy go with Booth Kennels.




Ms.Tipps came to us out of Wesson Mississippi.She placed her deposit with Booth Kennels when the puppy was 2 weeks of age.Ms.Tipps filled out her contract and got it back to us immediately.She was very eager to learn how to properly take care of her new puppy.Everything I told her to purchase she had know problem doing so.Ms.Tipps chose to have her puppy shipped to Wesson,Mississippi VIA ground transport.The puppy arrived the next day after it was shipped,one of my transporters Ms. Cheryl from PetLoversTransport told me she had never in her life seen anyone so happy to get a puppy.I know Legion went to a great home and will have a fantastic life with the Tipps Family. 



                                                                           ALEX CITY, ALABAMA

The Zimoras family came to us out of Alex City,they recently moved down from California and was in search of a new companion to help them get into the swing of southern life.They definitely had their mind set on getting a female pup since that  was what they were always accustomed to,they decided to go with shayle the Tri-Brindle female.We at Booth Kennels feels very comfortable saying that this dog went to a great home. 



The Quinn family came to us out of Phoenix City, Alabama.This is a military family with one active and one retired.The Quinn family chose Booth Kennels based on our record of well tempered and highly sociable dogs.Mr.Ronn Quinn has made two tours into IRAQ and suffers from PTSD,so he was in desperate need of a loyal companion to help relieve some of the effects of the disorder.The Quinn family chose Khena because of her temperament and her loving attitude.  


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